Monday, March 17, 2008

The amazing blog mail gateway

So here I am posting to blogger via the email gateway. I know it's not exactly state of the art technology but I'm sort of hoping it makes posting from an iPhone easier. Certainly the iPhone email client is a lot faster that the blogger web client on the iPhone.

I wonder whether this will mean I post more often? Doubtful :-)

UPDATE: I originally sent this post to the wrong email address, so it's not foolproof :-( Additionally no copy and paste means re-typing is the only option when using just the iPhone. Perhaps any post longer than a few words needs to be typed in Notes and then emailed from there - that's what I did for this re-post.

Also you can email pictures from the iPhone - so I'll have to try that.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Red Extract - Cocoa

So I've been working on a program started in July last year (2007)* which wraps a terminal program I wrote to process image data for the robot. The encapsulation basically puts a nice (cocoa) GUI front end on it so that I can twiddle parameters dynamically. Like all things when you are not an absolute expert, some things take a long time - in my case it was 8 hours to put a raw bitmap on the screen with NSImage. The final solution? About 4 lines of code!

Anyhow, the real useful stuff starts now - trying various algorithms to do the image processing. Should be fun if a bit of an unknown.

By the way, this post was typed on my iPhone directly onto blogger (edit HTML because compose doesn't appear to work). Feels very sluggish and the phone is warm so I guess I might try sending in a blog entry by email.

P.S. The gap was because as well as having other commitments we also changed the hardware architecture to include two processors and a video fifo.
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