Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just don't

Don't play World of Warcraft.

Yes, I know it's good with lots of stuff to do.

But it eats time and is very addictive. It's worst than reading slashdot. (Of course the slashdot comments eat time AND make you feel bad that you've wasted all that time on complete and utter [[[TRANSMISSION TERMINATED]]]

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Zex and other things

Bit of a mini-brain dump here of a random collection of thoughts.

Poorfish (see the Zex forum) posted some really cool and detailed feedback about playing Zex. This is certainly the best gameplay feedback we've had. Thanks again Poorfish. I've also learnt some new Zex tricks!

Zex: It's still my goal to do a full release of Zex. We have a LOT of different game projects on our collective hard drives. Zex is the closest to being finished, hence our multi-month resurrection of this yet 'unpublished' game. We've released various applications and programs both under Lightsoft and elsewhere. But no full game yet; a few game demos but nothing officially 'a full game'. Which is ironic if you understand anything about me, Stu or Lightsoft...

My good friend George has started playing World of Warcraft. This is bad news because he's the guy I generally play games with (for example, we completed the three NWN packs a while back and we are on Diablo 2 and it's expansion pack at the moment). However, WoW is a life swallower (like most MMORPGs) ... very dangerous situation for my programming ;-)


Fridays thought: Singletons - are they an overused and abused pattern that is not real OO? (Maybe a blog post on this in the future since I wrote some stuff down on Friday).

Zex: What with me being ill around last weekend and most of the week, and the two weeks before being basically down time for us (various reasons), we are a bit behind on our planned date for the full game release. I'd like to fix at least a few of the things that Poorfish has reported (both recent bugs and enhancements). Additionally there are 44 items (bugs and enhancements) on the bugs list we listed as must fix before 1.00 'production' release.

Oh and the beta time has expired on 0.99.3 (beta 3). Oops.
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