Sunday, October 07, 2012

Web Emulated Gulpman *with sound*

Well, you know how it's good to talk to people? You know how you can miss things staring you in the face?

Martjin from World of Spectrum kindly pointed out that the World of Spectrum emulated version DOES have sound! I totally missed (or forgot) they have an emulator from a lot of their pages, including the Gulpman page ... "If you look at the downloads for a game, observe a large icon in front of each download, with the left half filled by the Java logo and the right half with the memory model (48/128) that will be used" ... errr... opps

This is the link you'll be wanting for Gulpman: HERE

I notice that both web-browser emulated versions (both on WoS and have a BLUE banner ... whereas my SNA image has a RED banner...  hmmm... something to investigate!

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