Saturday, July 24, 2010

A story about IDE problems

So making changes to source files. Discover I need to set a Python file to UTF-8 from MacRoman. Look at nested settings ... workbench settings, project settings, file settings. Make some changes.

Try to edit a file an Eclipse hangs. Force quit and launch ... look at settings - all seem ok ... try to edit... Eclipse hangs. Launch eclipse ... try to save the settings ... waiting on something else....

The user operation is waiting for background work to complete
Saving workbench state.
Model provider updating pythonpath
Initializing Java Tooling
Configuring classpath containers

OK ... try searching for last two items in Google, with various combinations of additional phrases. No real info. Check Eclipse log files, etc. Nothing interesting. Tried a few things.

Ok, so this is not happening. Check the .project and .pydevproject with their baseline. Hmmm .... no major changes. Wish I'd booked my workbench into Subversion...

So ... create another workbench. Import Python project into that new workbench. First thing; No Python interpreters configured in that workbench. Ok, bit of a PITA navigating to the actual python binary - it's in a bundle a long way down ...


Ok ... so do that for 2.5 as well.

But now colours in Python source files are all wrong! Hmmm... oh, why didn't I book it into Subversion.

Go for coffee and talk away from the computer for a minute. One coffee turns into two. Hang on... I HAVE got a backup ... duh! In Time machine!

Make a copy of the old workbench folder just in case....

Had to go back a few times in time machine before I got one that worked... Then had to add new debug configurations (I added 2.6 a few days ago).

And we are back to doing what I was meant to be doing...

P.S. I also notice the second release candidate of Eudora OSE, version 1.0rc2 has just been released. Haven't tried Eudora OSE at all yet. Might have to give it a go this weekend ....
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