Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jet Set Willy 2 - Animated Map

So, I'm a big of a fan of Jet Set Willy. Matthew Smith's seminal game influenced me a lot. I played it, disassembled it, and wrote an editor for it (the first program I sold, one copy sold). Since then I've done various projects influenced by this - from games to assembler to C++ converters.

Sometime later Derrick Rowson used his extended Amstrad version to make a bigger version that was released by Software Projects as Jet SetWilly 2: The Final Frontier. It was certainly one of the best ports I'd seen - well qualified to be a successor. Obviously I had to look at how the insides worked.

I long time later, I set a background desktop picture of a good Jet Set Willy 2 Map. What a pity it's not animated I thought (although that *might* be distracting whilst I was working ... it was pretty colourful as it was!).

Now you can obviously play this on an emulator. But what I wanted was a map you could scroll about with.

So, one Friday evening, when I was feeling uninspired, I decided to work on it. Two weeks of evenings later (I should have been working on finishing Gulpman), I have something I'm happy to put on-line. It's not complete, but it works and the guardians walk and the treasure flashes and you can move around.

There is a basic page on but the main download and code is

Take a look and let me know what you think :-)


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