Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ZX-Man, zxsp...

I remember a game from the type-in era of computers called ‘ZX-Man’. I’m pretty sure I had the magazine (Sinclair User) with it in at some point. Anyway, fast forward 30 years, and I email a guy called Dave Foreman who runs http://sincuser.co.uk which is a site with a lot of pages from Sinclair User. He emails me back with a scan of the magazine page. I attach a copy at the bottom of the article. I hope the owners of the magazine copyright and Chris Handley the author of the type-in program don't mind. (I also wonder who WS was who drew the picture … ). Thanks to Dave for supplying this page.

I also emailed Kio who writes ‘zxsp’ here about his great Spectrum emulator (http://k1.dyndns.org/Develop/projects/zxsp-osx/distributions/) which I’ve been using for a while - mostly to check the accuracy of a ZX Spectrum Gulpman clone I’m working on. It’s a fantastic program for free. His blog is here http://zxsp.blogspot.de. He’s always nice enough to answer emails. And I found out - after looking for a Mac, Linux, OpenPandora ZX81 emulator that zxsp has a ZX81 emulator. So I donated a few euros for the project to say thanks.

I typed the 1K program into the emulator running as a 16K ZX81 and ran it. I might be obsessed with maze game and platform games, although this isn’t much of a maze - maybe a Labyrinth.

Here are a couple of screen shots:


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