Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Installing a bigger HD

Did a disk verify/repair before changing my HD. Said there were unrepairable items so 'do a reinstall and restore your data'. Seemed to repair, but I was not going risking a clone - at least not initially. So went to try a fresh install and migration. It did mean that I expected to have to reinstall macports and Git, Subversion, etc. but oh well. (Previously I've used the wonderful Carbon Copy Cloner).

So, for reference, what I did was: Into the recovery partition (Command-R on restart), partitioned the drive (1 partition), installed the OS and copying across the data as the new drive boots with the OS option to copy across the configuration. Seems to have worked well.

So now running on the new HD. Currently working (without any reinstall): git, svn, Xcode 326 (old) needed Java installing, (used for Mac Gulpman builds because it’s the last one to support powerPC) and Xcode 463 (used for iOS Gulpman build), gitx, macHG, Xcode 5.0.2 (which it fixed - was broken on old drive).... testing continues... (Obviously standard application stuff should be ok).

Macsports appears to work... somehow... although arm-elf-gcc seems not to work ... arm-none-eabi-gcc seems find. Couldn't guarantee the first one worked before I migrated...


Needed to upgrade my MacPorts, which I obviously hadn't done since installing 10.9 Mavericks.

Had a problem with selfupdate... the solution:

Install the "Command Line Tools" first:

sudo xcode-select --install

Then upgrade the ports:

sudo port -v selfupdate


Still got a problem with arm-elf-gcc...

Testing continues....


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