Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some night's just don't go well

I was looking forward to a good evening's programming. I was dreaming about this bit of code last night, so I think I've already written it once (in my head at least).

However, no coding has happened so far.
  • Initially, I was looking up .pyc run problems. No problem - we will use .py.
  • Tried LWC2 ... no weather station = quit. Stu pointed me in the right direction.
  • The build Stu sent doesn't have a key component - or I'm going mad. Probably the latter.
  • Whilst this was happening I needed to move the directory structure around for the importer - which involved subversion. Somehow, against all odds, I've messed it up. How? No idea - I use subversion a lot. I think the simplest solution is backing up the directory then restoring from hourly backup (Thank you Time Machine).
Anyhow, if I don't stop blogging (I needed to vent), I won't get anything done this evening.


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