Sunday, May 17, 2009

Encryption, Linux, Programming

Been creating encrypted disk images on the USB key I carry around. I released I had various projects (not all mine) and personal data that wasn't protected. Created encrypted disk images - cross platform ... so it should at least slow people down :-) The thing with disk images is that you don't need to do a seperate encrypt/decrypt cycle, like you do with something like GPG.

I also really want to play properly with an up-to-date Linux. My main machine is a PowerPC box and I do have recent Ubuntu for PowerPC - but really want to run both in parallel. Projects like Mac-on-mac and Mac-on-Linux are pretty much dead. At some point I'll have an Intel Mac - which will make things like VirtualBox/Parallels and VMWare Fusion options. I was looking at things like Thinkpads on ebay and they aren't terribly expensive - certainly cheaper than buying a new netbook - although less portable (X-series maybe excepted). One of my mates has an old ThinkPad ... so that might allow me to run both in parallel at my desk. (He also has an old Tower - but I'm trying to give up non-portable computers for size, storage and portability reasons.) Another mate has just offered my my original Tangerine iBook back. That would be interesting but it's only a 300MHz G3. I wonder which model ThinkPad it is.

I also have been pretty slow at my two programming projects - the importer and the robot. Hopefully I'll get some actual serious work done over the next week. Need to finish the importer so I can get onto the next project that I'm desperate to start!


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