Thursday, April 02, 2009

Importer Status 2nd April 2009

I've posted this to the LWC forum, but I think I'll post it here as well - to document one of my other projects - the LWC wlk data importer.

Currently the importer script changes a .wlk file, another script handles an entire collection of files and the basic GUI is together.

Not too much to do now (hopefully).

Things left to do for LWC v1 importer:
  • Check/correct time in seconds in/out (This is related to the OS storing dates in DST format in LWC)
  • Check conversion in and out by eye ... for every single element in, at least, one data file.
  • Check output directory ... do we want this separate or automatically put in the LWC data folder (currently separate)
  • change exit() on deep error into something more 'sociable' (e.g. exceptions) (internal thing - but ensures the GUI gets the proper message)
  • One of the sample data files gives "ERROR: Unknown collector type", fix
  • Create application bundle for easy use (single 'file' for importer)
  • Link the GUI to the import script
  • Add detail and error log to GUI
  • Get more data files to check against (since we had an import error above)
  • Get Stu to review it before Beta testing
  • Beta Test!


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