Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reply about Zuma and World of Goo

In reply to Tony's blog post:

Zuma: I think PopCap is a very interesting company who've been able to capture the puzzle game market by good sales, contacts and marketing. But their games do have annoyingly good but simple game play. Zuma, specifically, is a fast paced arcade game, and as such increases excitement and fun factor (and probably adrenaline - think roller coaster). I wouldn't find them satisfying all the time - but occasionally a game without much plot or exploring is a good change. It's sweet vs. savoury of games.

World of Goo has entrancing graphics, fantastic sound and music and a good game. However, the game play is, mostly, not timed giving a much gentler game. The game also is interesting for a 'explore physics point of view' but is it really better game play? I certainly appreciate the quality, polished 'production' and independent game developers. But do these actually make a better game?

Footnote regarding World of Goo: Additionally, as a programmer, I'm really irritated by how good the graphics and music are. But that's just jealousy.


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