Thursday, March 02, 2006

Start of March Update

We got a second Mac beta out on Tuesday. Rather caught up on us. Now are we trying to test the Windows version so we can beta test that as well.

I knew we had a crash problem in the Windows version. I suspect this is a code fault (I just confirmed that it is a bug in all versions). Last night I spent the night trying to get the debugger to work in Dev-C++ (normally the Windows version is compiled on a Mac, but for debugging I can't be bothered setting up the cross-machine gdb session). The problem was that it would use the project folder directory for the run session even though the executable was elsewhere ... which meant the associated files couldn't be found. This definately wasn't happening when I used it before with that project file. However I just couldn't find the setting to fix this. Some nights you just aren't productive. Tonight I'd fixed the problem in about 10 minutes by moving the project - a workaround that entirely solves the problem. Ah well.

In the meantime one of the HWC decoders is broken again. Arggg....

Back to the editor then...


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