Saturday, February 18, 2006

Java Paradroid

The original C64 Paradroid was a cool 'plan-view' robot battle game by Andrew Braybrook. The Spectrum conversion called Quazatron was good as well - it was 3d 'isometric' style graphics, and I played it for many hours. Anyhow... back to Paradroid.

Of course, quite a few people have done remakes of Paradroid. However the following one is of note because it's a full 3d game, it's written in Java and it's nice and responsive.

Who says you can't write games in Java?

Additionally whilst looking around for links to put in this article, I came across a spectrum port of Quazatron written in Flash.

I've seen reasonable (i.e. fast, playable) isometric games in flash before, of course - this one is a really cool Dalek game (although all other BBC Doctor Who games suck):

P.S. The original dev diary by the Andrew Braybrook is here. Nice to read from a legend who actually sounds human!


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