Friday, October 28, 2005

Big Gap

Yep, a large article free gap.

Well, for the day job, I spent some time in Germany, doing "the next big thing". Whilst we know (generally) what the next big thing should do, how to go about building it is a whole different matter. We know it involves OO, some minimal UML and probably C++. Our expertise with these is in varying degrees. Should be 'interesting' - but at least it's something different.

Outside the day job the last two weeks have been a bit barren. In the Germany week and then afterwards last weekend in my exhaustion I started to write another GA life creation terminal-based thing (called slimey for want of a better name. Yes I know how 'slimy' is spelt now) using a slightly different class based design than 'Evolving Minds'. I guess at some point I should merge the two projects - but I think slimey, partly because of it's simplicity, is further along in the interpreted program / GA breeding stakes - which is what they are both intended to investigate. I think I should carry on with slimey as it is until I have it working - then perhaps merge with EM rather than add objects to be manipulated directly in slimey. (Naming note: I guess that should be Slimey rather than slimey since it's a name. It's just my filenames tend to be lower case.)

By last Tuesday I was feeling I should really start to work back on the space game. Although I've looked at the project and tinkered over the course of this week, I haven't got into 'the zone' at all. Earlier in the week the problem was because I was simultaneously listening to the audio-book for Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. (Partly my wife's fault for reading all the books in just over 3 weeks). I have learnt that it's almost impossible for me to listen to a book and program at the same time - my concentration appears to be indivisible in that respect.

Tonight (Friday) I've done hardly anything. I surfed slashdot truth be told - as I have a few times this week. I gave up reading that infernal thing ... now I'm back on it. MUST GIVE IT UP AGAIN! Hopefully I'll get some quality coding time this weekend (especially since I've got Monday off for a 4yr-old's b-day party (Sad but true. Hopefully there will be birthday cake. Apparently the invited kids got a formal invite. But not us. Verbal only. Pah!).

Oh well. Must try to code at least a few lines before I go to bed (set the tone for the weekend and all that).


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