Thursday, September 29, 2005

A change of pace

Well, finally all the high priority issues and most of the medium priority issues of the weather decoders are fixed. Rest of the stuff is pretty trivial. It's taken a good amount of effort to get to this stage. All changes are booked in and awaiting the project lead to process, test and include them.

This means I can move onto what I really want to do - game programming - specifically the space game that we've been working on for a while. Several things are happening to this: it's becoming cross-platform (Mac and Windows) via SDL and it's becoming both Mac-PowerPC and Mac-x86. Lots of things to do.

Strangely the project lead for the weather program can't get to my decoder changes because he's also working on the space game. For some reason he's extremely gleeful at having a totally new machine with a completely new architecture to port the game to (Mac-x86). Haven't seen him this happy in years!

Anyway, must code not blog.


Anonymous Tony said...

Your 'lead' should take more glee in actually releasing space games that porting them to as yet non-existent hardware :)

11:28 pm  

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