Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blog Progress?

What! Next Sunday already?? It's difficult to believe a week has passed already since I started this blog or that my last post was Thursday (although there were two that day). My plan was to put stuff about the programming I was doing and the difficulties, interspersed with occasional articles about random coding topics that interested me.

It certainly wasn't meant to be entirely a blog with just articles! Of course, that might (or might not!) be more interesting to the people reading this than general stuff about me and my personal programming projects. (Comments welcome about this of course.)

Perhaps part of the problem with the mix of programming diary to articles is that I haven't - until today - done any programming at home since returning last Saturday from my two week holiday. Part of it is, as I call it, "programmer's block" or, in reality, the inability to start. That whole subject I'm very interested in and I've pondered on a lot. I've written part of an article on it today - I'll see whether I can get it cleaned up and published here this week.

Back to coding; hopefully I'll get an update later today or tomorrow with some details about the programming itself, for a change.

Truth be told, I haven't done any programming at work either, except for some translation clean up work yesterday - although I did start a new C file for something I was planning before I went away - just the translation stuff got in the way. Rest has been meetings and email ... ack! ... enough about work already!

How do I like blogging so far? Pretty good actually. It's more creative, I feel, than reading slashdot in odd free moments. Gives me an outlet for the constant random thoughts that are in my head. Let's just hope it doesn't get too much in the way of the actual coding, eh?



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