Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Space the first frontier

Just recently my primary focus (as you might have noticed) has been on doing changes for our old/new game. Bizarrely enough (or not) it's taking loads of time to sort out. Some close friends are helpfully play testing it. Although I wish they'd stop finding crash bugs! That's not quite true actually - I'm very grateful that they are. I just wish we didn't have any...

With all the fun that's going on there it's a little sad that yesterday we had to start a mini-update to our weather program, which will take a few days of my time. Still it's critical to keep up with changes on things people actually currently pay for.

Oh, and talking about taking time, that whole seeing people at this time of year thing that goes on. Still, need to socialise, I think, because coders need to see friends and family in order not to go mad.

It was very enjoyable, although losing most of a day going and coming back in a car feels a little bit of a waste, although did get to spend quality time with wife. My daughter thought sleeping was a better idea and (being a baby in a backwards facing car seat) couldn't have much contact with us, which impressed her no end (NOT).


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