Sunday, January 18, 2015

Forlorn Fox - 0.03 dev test version release

So, myself Tony and Kenny have been working on a multiplayer, plan view, simple graphics game on-and-off for most of 2014. We are all very part time, but it has a few interesting features.

We finally got our act together and are releasing a very early test version.

There is not much there, but there is:
  • Networking multi-player, with a LAN-based game finder
  • A graphics editor
  • Some rooms
  • Selectable player characters
  • A simple coin-rush sub-game
  • A marginally scary 'eye-beast'
  • All game code in Lua
  • C++ engine
  • Linux/Mac/Windows (at the moment)

Currently it will be hosted on my personal web pages at, but you can go immediately there via The files should be up today or tomorrow.


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