Monday, December 14, 2009

SVN, Keyboards and mad, mad projects (z80!)

"This client is too old to work with working copy" --- some recent OS upgrade seems to have wiped my upgraded Subversion and replaced with 1.4.4 :-( Oh well, it's a quick fix to install new one. Must have only happened over the last few weeks...

I'm sure you've seen this keyboard before I like the look of it, although since I don't look at my keyboard whilst typing think it would be a bit wasted. Very pretty though. I wonder what the key action is like?

Anyway, been working on the Robot a few weeks ago and my game project last week. Although when say 'game project', actually I was continuing an asm to C/C++ converter I was writing on holiday and decided to spend a few hours on last week. To check the integrity of the data-set, I decided to write a machine code output ... effectively creating an assembler ... for Z80. Yeah, I know. I must be mad. Not finished yet, but other things need doing.

Anyway this week it's back onto the data importer for LWC, after I've checked-in the work I've been doing over the last few days into our Subversion server. Hence the hitting the Subversion client problem...

I've also got some work to do for another project which really needs to be finished before next week if I'm going to meet promised goals... going to be a busy week.

Anyway, blogging about it isn't going to get anything done...


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