Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Subversion 1.5

So as if converting 50 million archives to Subversion elsewhere wasn't bad enough (and you really have no idea how much work and stress that's caused) I wanted to get a GUI client working over here.

Suddenly, a couple of days ago, I realised that using the command line - which I've been using for ages and generally is very intuitive for a command line tool - was slowing me and my use of Subversion down. I don't mean it was taking a long time, just that, sometimes, a quick glance is so much better.

So SCPlug-in, which is meant to be like Tortoise for MacOSX. Available in SVN v1.46 and 1.50. Hmmm.... I have v1.44. Prefer to have the same version across the board. So ... upgrade command line tools to 1.46? Except ... no available build that doesn't need a port library. So let's go v1.50. Hmmm. Doesn't work. Installed into a different ... later ... path.

The short end to the story was that some manual install of v1.50 out of the package into the original v1.44 directory was the simplest option. (Note to self: remember to register shareware). SCPlug-in required a bit of fiddling to get icons consistent (Off mailing list: restart finder with no windows open, right-click on desktop, refresh-icons), but it seems to be pretty cool. Could do with diff operation. No, could REALLY do with a diff option. Using FileMerge would be great.


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