Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New test version of Forlorn Fox

So, apparently it's been 3 months since the last public test version. There have been lots of internal changes and only a few visible external changes.

More annoying, immediately after packaging it, we find a simple but yucky bug - the glyph editor doesn't work at all. And the fix is trivial - literally one require line.

We decided to release with the fault anyway - because 3 months is way too long between test releases. And we can always release another version next week - the whole process of release for all four platforms is probably under two hours end-to-end. So I have to wonder why we waited so long - I guess it's the feeling of one more thing.

We spend time fixing the build-and-package earlier this year in fixing this after the 0.03 release took ages to put together.

Currently the upload to web site is manual - but it's relatively trivial to do. But we've of course talked about automating that as well.

Next up are various extra game features and maybe another mini-game, although we've been talking about fixing one specific 'structural' problem: the single player and server player (for network) share a lot of game logic code, but the network client player game is different in a lot of ways. This causes us problems every time we add a game feature - we effectively have to add it twice and debug it twice. One alternative is to run all games as a type of client. But that's quite a big change - but one which might be necessary.


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