Saturday, January 15, 2011

LED display progress

Now 479 LED's soldered onto the board. One LED must have got damaged - so I've ordered a replacement. (Claire did loads of winding and soldering - and found a location with two LEDs soldered on... what a wonderful wife!)

Additionally I've got a 'computer emulation' of the display. It uses the same high level Forth display words and a different set of low level words to display it in a text terminal window.

I used pForth on the computer. pForth a public domain Forth written by Phil Burk in C and it's very portable. I only needed to modify it for one specific thing - to add nanosleep for timing.

Although BVForth has some weird words for Forth (for, next, // commands, VSPACE$, ms) I was able to emulate all of those with little problems. The '&' preceding a hex number is a bit of a pain for a Forth engine. The normal Forth syntax is characters separated by space - so special parsing would require a new accept - not major problems - but it moves it away from standard Forth. Anyway I've limited the hex numbers to &ffffff and all other numbers are decimal. Not a major problem.

Getting closer...


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