Sunday, December 26, 2010

Forth embedded board via USB serial


My normal serial terminal program (ZTerm) doesn’t appear to allow manual control of DTR+RTS (as far as I can tell). I, however, need this control for a ByVac BV511 LPC ARM + Forth board which uses them to control the reset and program-enable lines. (I first saw the BV511 sold on by ByVac).

I tried to install minicom via MacPorts, but for some reason it wouldn’t set up (via sudo minicom -s)

Anyway, found CoolTerm, which allows things like manual RTS & DTR line control and also line delay. (There is both a Mac and Windows version).

Working with the BV511

CoolTerm was set up to 115200, 8N1.

I also set the end of line delay to a huge number (50) to allow the target to compile when pasting in text.

Copied some I/O code and got the on-board led to toggle that’s on I/O port 0.31 ... very cool (if somewhat simple!)


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